In 2008, three friends meet around a common project : to revisit the image of dry cleaning.

The master word was “modernity”. They created Sequoia Concept that meets customers’s needs.

They call in some prestigious investors to support the growth of the brand, such as SCDM, Bouygues Brothers holding family company and the investment fund in New Technology - SGH capital.

December 8, 2008, the first Sequoia is launched in Paris.
In 2012 the 20th Sequoia opens its doors in Nantes
In 2015 the 45th Sequoia opens in Moscow
In 2016 the 53rd Sequoia opens in Casablanca
In 2017 the 57th Sequoia opens in Paris 75009
In 2017 The 58th Sequoia opens in Bordeaux
In 2017 The 59th Sequoia opens in Paris 75018.

A patented

The only dry-cleaning technology that removes stains, brightens colors and softens fibers is the Greenearth patent.
Sequoia acquires the exclusivity for France.

Greenearth Liquid Silicone Technology Delivers Outstanding Performance by Respecting People, the Planet and Clothes.


Sequoia's teams are passionately trained to perpetuate traditional know-how at the service of new technologies.

Expertise on clothes, precise stain removal, ironing by hand. One rule: a perfect result!

Expertise on clothes, precise stain removal, ironing by hand. One rule: a perfect result!


Saving the planet is at the heart of Sequoia's know-how.
The lights are led's, the recycled tire mat, the bags and bags of packaging are recycled and 100% recyclable, the water consumption is reduced, the furniture is made in France, all the prints are made on printed paper 'green.
Dry cleaning technology has no impact on health and nothing is rejected in nature.
Remember to bring back your hangers, they will be recycled.
The shop
Sequoia shops are designed to allow a very pleasant customer reception and a quality work space for employees.

Light colors, led's and wooden furniture create an atmosphere in which guests feel at ease in a modern and elegant environment.

The computer system allows to drop and take back the clothes in a few seconds even. The extended opening hours from Monday to Saturday allow everyone to find a suitable time.

The prices charged are very reasonable and are the best quality/price ratio of the profession.