Pressing biological

Sequoia is the French leader in green dry cleaning.  

For more than 10 years and everywhere in France, Sequoia pressing offers dry cleaning and laundry services that respect the planet.

Our patented dry cleaning technology is exclusive to Sequoia pressing. It has little impact on humans, clothing or the environment.

Water consumption is reduced, detergents are 98.5% biodegradable. Electricity consumption is low compared to the sector and is of renewable origin. Sequoia's patented dry cleaning technology uses a cosmetic product that perfectly removes stains and extends the life of clothing, reviving fibers and colors, allowing you to buy fewer new clothes and thus preserve the planet.
Mère avec ses deux enfants dans du linge propre nettoyé par sequoia
The clothes are made in recyclable covers, the furniture is made in France, the carpet is made of recycled tire... At Sequoia pressing we have only one goal: to perfectly clean clothes while respecting the planet and people!